CBD Lotion 4oz (1000mg)

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CBD Lotion 4oz (1000mg)


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CBD Lotion.

  • 1000mg total CBD

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1000mg Full Spectrum CBD, extracted from hemp.

7 reviews for CBD Lotion 4oz (1000mg)

  1. vonprior

    I love this product! I use it on my face at night and in the morning. I have really noticed a change in my skin!!! I also used this on cramps in my legs. I rubbed it into the cramp and it went away immediately! Amazing product! I will definitely order again and refer others to your products.

  2. George

    This stuff is great. It has completely eliminated the pain in my hands like nothing I have ever tried.

  3. audramaskill

    I don’t leave reviews often, but when I do, it’s a worthy product! I am typing and working spreadsheets all day long. My hands were becoming increasingly achy throughout the day and I noticed I was having to stop and stretch/shake/crack my hands to feel relief. I started using the Purple Haze lotion after hearing such great things, and I hate having to pop Tylenol daily for the discomfort. THIS WORKS!!! I put it on in the morning and I can go all day without feeling any discomfort! It’s also very hydrating without being greasy or leaving a film. If you’re dealing with chronic/dull aches and pains and want relief without taking meds, BUY THIS!!!

  4. Bill Lenhart

    I Purchased this for my father is 75 years old and has a lot of joint pains and back pains. He has been using it for about a month now and said he cannot believe what he has done for him. He has tried many things through the years so to impress him as hard LOL he also never made it through the night sleeping for the most part. But for the past week or so he said he has slept all the way through the night with no pain.

  5. Deb Sturm

    I have used over half of a container of Purple Haze and am ordering more now because I don’t want to be without it! It works wonders for me!! My hip and leg ache terribly at night, and rubbing this on relieves my pain and helps me to sleep. Thank you Jordan for sharing this with me!

  6. Peter G Fransee (verified owner)

    Hello. For any “headline readers” out there, I will make a short and sweet statement. This product is the real deal. The best CBD product for chronic pain relief, period! It deserves a 10 Star rating, so buy some.
    Now, for years now my wife and I have tried well over a dozen CBD lotions, salves, terpenes and other for our arthritic joints – hips for my wife and bone on bone knees for me. We first tried this product over the July 4th weekend while visiting family in Michigan. From the instant you apply just a dab of the lotion on your ailing joint, you feel relief. And on most days we only apply the lotion once a day in the morning and we are good until the next morning. Yes, I did say “dab”. Just a couple of fingertips on your ailing areas and massage it in for a minute or so. Off you go……………
    We are in our 60’s and both have arthritis that runs in our family and lead active lifestyles. This lotion has allowed us to continue biking, hiking with our pups and keeping up with our Grandchildren.
    Simply the Best!!!
    Thanks to all of the Chemist’s involved in developing this incredible product.

  7. Arlene (verified owner)

    I have used this on my achy hands, only way I can continue knitting without pain

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