Abstract Alchemy is the first company to infuse “Strain Specific” cannabis terpene profiles into proprietary cocktail ready blends.  Our cocktail blends are water soluble and suspended in alcohol to ensure thorough blending without separation. All of our products are grown, manufactured, and tested within the United States.  This gives us the ability to design and create terpene blends that we have personally tested.  These cocktail terpenes are made to infuse by the glass and can be used for an assortment of beverages.  From a fresh cup of daily coffee to a fresh mojito on the weekend.

We are positioned to work with breweries, wineries and distilleries to produce terpene infused oil by the bottle, growler, or barrel.  We offer terpene sample packs for any bar or restaurant that’s looking to create something new on the menu.  If you’re interested in our terpene blends, please contact us today and one of our terpene specialists will reach out the same day.  Cheers!

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